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Broadleaf Forestry was founded on the guiding principles of experience, knowledge, and trust. While providing a full array of value-added forestry services to landowners, we apply our knowledge to help clients better understand the timber market and market trends, which affect their ability to capture the best possible price and return for their timber.

We utilize advanced technology and powerful ArcGIS mapping, plus inventory and growth and yield prediction software programs, to provide a clear picture to our clients of what timber assets they own and how best to manage these assets.

Our goal is to assist our clients in managing their timber assets and to provide a comprehensive plan that will help them reach their goals.

Brian Reinhart is a Registered Consulting Forester and Licensed Forester (NC#1688, SC#1812).  He was born and raised in Virginia. His professional experience includes over 21 years in the forest industry.  His clients include institutional and private landowners, non-profit organizations, foundations, family offices, and timberland investors.  Prior to working as a forestry consultant, Brian spent 12 years working as a procurement forester for a timber company and sawmill in Virginia.  Throughout his career, he has built a reputation of professionalism and honesty.

Forest Management


Investing in timberland can be a richly rewarding experience. However, not all timberland investments are the same. At Broadleaf Forestry, we provide the comprehensive forest management services you need to make smart investment decisions.

Our management style allows us to see the big picture. It integrates fiscally sound, proven forest management practices with advanced technology and tools, data collection, analysis and reporting. This delivers a higher level of information, accuracy and forecasting, which gives our clients a clearer understanding of what timber assets you have now, what timber assets you will have in the future, and how best to maximize your timberland returns to meet your goals.

Professional Forestry Management will increase your bottom line.

Timber sales

get the most out of your timberland

A timber sale is the culmination of years of planning, and getting the best price for your timber depends on many important factors, including the age of the timber, species, demand, volume and quality, access and proximity to markets, and current timber prices.

More often than not, it is difficult for landowners to have a good understanding of all the necessary factors that go into getting the best price for their timber. That’s where we come in.

Conducting timber sales is one of the most important services we provide. Whether you’re a larger, investment-minded, long-term timberland owner or a smaller landowner who might only sell timber once or twice in a lifetime, history has shown that timber sales will be higher when using a forest management service such as Broadleaf.

How it works…

We offer a “turn-key” timber sale service.  We handle the timber sale, oversee the harvest, and coordinate reforestation.  Initially, Broadleaf Forestry will conduct a brief evaluation to determine the landowner’s goals, and to establish whether or not the timber is ready to be harvested, as well as the feasibility of a timber sale.

Next, we appraise the timber, map its boundaries, mark the sale area, and market the timber to our extensive list of over 220 qualified timber buyers. Once sold, we will monitor the timber harvest to ensure the landowner’s wishes, responsible harvesting practices, and any laws and regulations are being followed.

Upon completion, we will make recommendations and guide the landowner through reforestation to ensure a healthy and productive forest is growing for future generations.

Our fee is paid once the timber is sold and is a percentage of the total sale price.

The bottom line…Get more money for your timber, get a better harvest job, and let Broadleaf Forestry do all the work!

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